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How to decide between a private lesson
and a clinic/camp?

There are pros and cons to each product and hopefully I can identify a few of them to help you choose what is right for your learning style and enjoyment.

There is a question you need to ask yourself when choosing between one or the other. 

How do you like to learn?

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Private lessons are great for individual attention. A training program specialized around your needs as a skier. We customize every aspect of your lesson and practice at the speed you personally learn at to maximize your potential.


PROS; You choose the topic, Your personal progress will dictate the progression of the lesson, The lesson is paced around your learning speed, More specific and detailed progressions, Private environment. 

CONS; Priced for one, Not a social environment.


Camps/Clinics are a fun way to meet people with common goals and interests and learn in a dynamic group environment, and is also a fun way to get good quality training at a fraction of the cost. 

PROS: Cheaper, Fun to meet people with the same passion and goals, Get pushed and inspired by other campers.

CONS: The weakest skier will dictate the terrain and pace, Not a private learning environment. 

With this being said, all lessons/camps/clinics will have personally tailored feedback and exercises to help you improve in the most efficient way possible. Through the lesson you will learn and understand the steps you need to take to break through to the next level. Video movement analysis will be done every day in a camp and upon request in a private lesson.

Note; These prices only include the cost of tuition. You will need to personally book and pay for accommodation, lifts passes, transport, insurances, food and beverages etc...

When? & Where?

Austria & Italy

October, November, April, May


December, January, February, March

New Zealand

July, August

Private Lessons

Japan - JPY 85,000 per day (max 3 people, each additional person JPY 8,000)

Europe - EU 460 per day (max 3 people, each additional person 60 Euros)

Private lessons are a great way to get individualized attention. Practice and improve in a more casual environment at your own pace. In a private lesson everything is customized around your needs as a skier.

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Japan - JPY 120,000 for the 5 day camp (minimum 3 people per camp)

Clinics/Camps are a great way to gain world class coaching and instruction for those on a  tighter budget and wish to meet and socialize while learning. Practice and improve in a group environment at your own pace. Groups are a fun dynamic way to learn. 

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Professional Ski Coaching

& Instruction

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