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As a general note

I get booked out a year in advance. This is why I am also advertising next years camps. There are certain dates still available this coming winter so please browse through the calendar to see if any are suitable for you. If you know you want to book, I would highly suggest booking in as early as possible. That being said there are rare occasions that cancellations happen. If your date is not available, you can still send in a request at and we can put you on a waiting list and let you know if the spot becomes available.

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To view a more detailed look of my schedule, please send an email with the dates you wish to request. If I am not available and you wish to book a high end lesson in the Niseko area, my ski school Hokkaido Collective has a team of professional instructors specifically trained by me in order to deliver the highest standard of coaching and instruction available. When I refer a client to one of my staff, you can be rest assured they are full certified in their respective country and also specifically trained in all the techniques I utilize and teach.

Calendar of events...

Payment need to be submitted in order to confirm the booking.
All Hokkaido Collective services require full amount payment at the time of booking.
Cancellation from time of booking till 31 days prior to travel = 80% refund
Cancellation 30-15 days prior to travel = 50% refund
Cancellation within 14 days or less = no refund
Bookings between 13th Dec 2018-7th Jan 2019 & 30th Jan 2019-17th Feb 2019 will incur a full cancellation fee of 100% if canceled inside of 30 days.
Any bank fee or associated cost in providing cancellation refunds are at the full cost and responsibility of the guest.
We strongly advise the purchase of travel insurance to cover the potential loss arising from cancellations.

By submitting this payment you fully accept all risks, danger, and hazard associated with wilderness activities and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss.
Also, you agree to waive or give up any certain legal rights, including the right to sue or to claim compensation following an accident during snowsports activities with Hokkaido Collective.

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Professional Ski Coaching

& Instruction

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